Please excuse our dust while we transition our site to TNG 12! I have very few individuals in the new database at the present time, but this number should increase substantially over the next few months. If you would like to collaborate on Volick ancestors, please get in touch!
The Volcik One-name Study began in 2011 as an attempt to trace lines in order to break through one of my brick wall ancestors, Josef Volcik, who immigrated to the United States in the late 19th century from the historical lands of Moravia. As I failed to find information on my Josef, the research quickly expanded to all people bearing the surname in the hopes to gather more information on related names and families. The One-name Study increased in data volume and research in 2018, and was officially registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 2020. The only registered variant at the present time is Wolcik. In US census records, there is a distinct occurrence of Volcik and Wolcik (father/son relationships) in the same households. Since 'W' only exists in the Czech alphabet for foreign words, it is believed that upon immigration to the United States, the spelling was altered for one Josef's US born children based on the pronunciation. While the accurate pronunciation is /vwaːl.ˈtʃɪk/ (Vall-chick) where the V is it is routinely misheard as /'waːl.ˈtʃɪk/ (Wall-chick).

The study is currenly progressing through the data collection stage, mainly focusing on the collection of birth, marriage, immigration, death, and census records worldwide to establish a basic foundation of individuals Through the collection of data, connections between distinct family groups are already becoming clear, and it is the hopes that during further analyses of data, we can begin to make connections between the various Volcik and Wolcik family branches before undertaking more detailed research on specific individuals.

If you have any information, stories, or images on individuals or families that bear the Volcik surname, I would love to hear from you. Likewise, if you happen to find any errors or faulty assumptions, please get in touch so I can correct them!